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It's important to note that while the Autumn event is running between Friday, 9th October and Monday, 12th October, the timed research questline, The Seasons Change will end on Tuesday, 20th October. Since The Seasons Change is a timed research questline, you must complete it before Tuesday, 20th October, because, if you don't, you'll never be able to collect all of the rewards. The Seasons Change consists of four quest steps, with you being rewarded for every challenge and overall steps that you complete. The shortness of this quest stems from how it's a timed research challenge, so, unlike non-timed research quests like A Mega Discoveryit's deed to be completed in a short time period. Due to this quest being timed research, you must complete it before Tuesday, 20th October if you want to earn all of the rewards. This section does contain spoilers for the entirety of this timed research challenge, so, if you'd rather be surprised, we suggest skipping this section.

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Not only does this remake feature a complete graphical overhaul, there are many new additions including two new marriage candidates, new animals to raise, pet options, and more!

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Whether you're experiencing Mineral Town for the first time, or a returning farmer, this walkthrough will serve as your complete guide to your life in Mineral Town. Edit Create a walkthrough. Have questions or looking to chat about the game? What this guide will offer: Complete guide managing your farm, upgrades, raising crops and animals Favorite gifts for all the villagers and how to become everyone's best friend Enlisting the Harvest Sprites' help for your farm All collectibles, fish, recipes, hidden items, etc Friend and Heart event coverage Guide to get married and start a family Get to the bottom of the mines and mine efficiently!

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How can i get pet cookies? Thank you for the great guide!!

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I do have a question, there is a glitch right now for U. Switch users about Mythic Ores not spawning. Do you have any solutions?

I have all my tools blessed on Year 2 Fall Can someone please explain upgrading tools to me. You just need the required materials, and the required amount of Gold.

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Then you just visit Saibara at the forge, and if the tool has gotten enough exp usehe'll be able to upgrade it for you. You won't have that tool until you go pick it back up some days later this is variable. All the values you need to for are in our Forge .

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Hi, I'm just curious about the ending from rival. If I'm not targeting Gray and witness all his heart event with marie.

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No, you'll get all rival events, but unlike in the original GBA version, rivals won't marry unless it has been or will be patched, which i do not know. Quick question.

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Once I marry someone in the game can I still watch heart event with the people that I miss? By Saku, Jaska, Desox. Recent Thre Tool Upgrade Glitch?