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Behind the ear came the shackles of the wounded, and the screams of the jackals. This sound made Eugene feel very annoying, so he picked up a javelin and raised his hand to nail the crazy dog's jackal on the ground. The whole battlefield was quiet. In fact, the battle was over.

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He has been desperately analyzing stealth during this time and wants to fully construct its spell model into the brain. Stealth is the most difficult second-loop spell, and it is also the most effective two-loop spell.

It not only allows the caster to stealth, but also blesses others, allowing others to achieve stealth effects. After stealth, the naked eye will not see the target at all, but the sounds and traces left are there. You can rely on this to judge the general orientation of the target. Attacks after stealth will cause the spell to fail.

Stealth is just a confusing sight. It can't erase the movements that come out, and it can't eliminate the traces of movement. In the state of stealth, pick up an abyss domination novel and the item will be invisible. If you drop an item, the item will appear. The intensity of each spell lasts for 10 minutes and can be constant. He has 5 spell power and 5 spell power from his professional level.

If he uses his stealth, he can last minutes, which is about an hour and a half. This is definitely a short period of time. If you use it well, it can produce great. If you are in danger, you can easily escape. Moreover, this time he took Vivienne to the deciduous city, and there may be monsters on the road. If there are too many monsters to deal with, he can also give Vivian an invisible technique to let her hide to avoid danger. There is nothing in the wilderness to see the hidden stealth monster, which is equivalent to adding a very safe insurance.

Stealth potions and stealth scrolls are one of the most commonly used props for rogues. In the case of stealth, stealing, and backstabbing, whether it is to steal wealth or assassinate the target. Can play a great role. Especially in the case of stealing, there is no disadvantage. Soren was originally born with a bottle of stealth syrup, which succeeded in getting rich and getting rid of the abyss domination novel life. Directly entered the ranks of the adventurers of Ben Xiaokang. This kind of medicine is rare. If the rogues get their hands, they are usually used on important targets.

Otherwise, they will sneak into the aristocratic area in the middle of the night to steal. Fortunately, they can steal thousands of Kindler's wealth for an hour. However, be careful to avoid the obvious uncomfortable existence. There are many alarm devices in the house of the big aristocracy. They are mainly based on stealing the wealth of small and medium-sized nobles, and occasionally stealing precious treasures. The most famous thing at the time was that a guy had stolen an antique worth 50, Kindlers and was wanted for a long time throughout the South.

If necessary, he will definitely re-do a vote without any psychological barriers. Mainly because he added his knowledge skills to points, superimposed on his own experience and intellectual bonus, the speed of learning spells is obviously much faster than in the past. No accidents, up to two days he can complete the spell analysis of stealth. By then, he can remember two stealth techniques, more than three hours of stealth time per day, enough for him to do a lot of things.

Because of the limitations of the magic net, most wizards have similar spell positions, and intelligence can only affect the intensity of spells. Use the highest level of spells, as well as the speed and of memory spells. It was not until the collapse of the magic net that the talented wizards were completely liberated.

Can greatly increase the ability and quantity of spells. In the current situation, half of all spells are absorbed by the magic net, and then turned into the power of the magic goddess. This force is mostly used to maintain the magic net operation, and a small part is used to strengthen her power.

That is to say, after a memory, he can put a total of 13 spells, of which the level 0 trick is the wizard level plus 1, and the level 10 wizard has 11 level 0 spell positions. Other spell bit calculations are cumbersome.

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It is also unclear how the magic goddess originally set up the magic net system. Soren can only roughly calculate his highest spell position. The spell used by the wizard.

Many need equipment to superimpose, many high-level extraordinary items. Both can add extra spells. As long as the magic net still exists, casting the spell is the magic goddess has the final say, she relaxes the authority of the magic net, the wizard will increase the spells, she tightens the power of the magic net, the wizard will display fewer spells. So after the turbulent year was opened, the goddess of magic was attacked a lot. Among them, there were many legendary wizards who took the initiative to attack her.

The purpose was to destroy the magic net system and lift the restrictions on their ability. But the cost is also very heavy, and many wizards have abyss domination novel their ability to cast spells. Sauron rubbed his forehead, washed his face with water, and then pulled out the machete to start practicing the white crow tactics. With the improvement of the professional level, his energy is getting stronger and stronger, and there is not much problem without sleeping for several days.

The progress of the practice of the Raven Swordsman is very slow. These combat techniques are all spent on tempering. He still has more than 5, killing experiences, and he can directly raise the level of thieves or wizards if he wants. However, Sauron still wants to see if he can trigger an advanced career, mainly because there will be a large increase in the ability of the advanced profession. The stalker can increase the stealth of 10 points and the detection of 10 points.

The thief can increase the unlocking of 10 points and the trap of 10 points. The bounty hunter can increase the search by 10 points and a [tracking] feat. Advanced careers are reinforced at the original occupational level, generally highlighting one aspect of the ability, but the cost of improving the advanced occupational level requires a higher killing experience.

Just advanced, you need to pay 5, killing experience, and later improve the advanced professional level is basically doubled. At present, Sauron is the easiest to advance is the stalker, as long as the stealth skills are likely to open advanced conditions. However, he still wants to see if he can open other advanced professions, such as the Shadow Warrior who has the dodge requirement to comprehend the dodge expertise, and the bounty hunters who are good at tracking. These advanced careers will be very popular after entering the legendary field.

Abyss domination novel extension capabilities. The most prominent of these is the bounty hunter, who can mark the target after the legend. Then, when you launch a special skill, you can use the channel of the shadow plane to appear directly behind the other party! If there is no part-time wizard, Sauron will undoubtedly advance to the stalker, but with the effect of stealth, the demand for advanced stalkers is greatly reduced. With stealth and future high-level stealth spells, it can completely replace the stalker's ability to gain extra sneak, so Soren's current idea is to further strengthen his combat explosive ability.

At present, assassins, shadow warriors, and bounty hunters are his priority choices, and all three advanced occupations have strong combat capabilities. Soren took up the scimitar and moved around, and he needed to buy a little bit of gadgets.

Although the Bounty Hunter has a very strong tracking ability in the future, the added combat power in the legendary field is not good, and there are still many pre-requirements. Soren went to the secret store to buy parchment, ink, quill, gems, and so on.

These are the wizard-specific props, not the ones used by ordinary people. He bought the food at night for him, and then began to reproduce the scroll according to the memory of the spell.

This is the most important ability of the wizard and the most powerful battle guarantee. The only drawback is that it burns money. After returning to the room, Sauron began to transcribe the scrolls.

He remembered the spells of four Arcane Missiles and tried four reels. Basically just beginning to transcribe the scrolls is definitely a failure, but you can improve your basic skills in the process of transcription. As the skills of the transcription reel increase, the chances of success will be higher and higher, and you can finally try to transcribe high-level spell reels. As a member of the Master, there are not a few reel guards on his body, but he can't. Unsurprisingly, Sauron failed.

The first Arcane Missile's spell scroll failed.

He lost twenty of Kindler's materials and then got a 2 point rewinding skill. He was not surprised by the failure. He finally succeeded in completing one.

More than a hundred Kindlers, in exchange for a scroll of Arcane Missiles, and then improved the point reeling skills. The transcript 1 ring spell can be upgraded to 50 points of replay scrolling skills. Later, you will be transcribed with more advanced spells. The 9-ring spell reel will require more than points of replay scrolling skills. He sighed and looked at the scrapped materials, muttering: "The caster is really a real expense! This has not started the study of alchemy!