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General Information This game can be played in three difficulty modes:. To play the game you need to explore various scenes to find items and solve puzzles. You can find out what to do in any given scene by scanning the scene with your cursor. In the bottom right of the screen is your journal. The journal will appear as a closed book if you have read all the current entries.

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Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast Walkthrough contains a complete step by step guide with pictures through the entire game.

It also includes step by step instructions for puzzles and one video solution. Help Belle save her true love, The Beast, once again from the evil clutches of the witch! Content s of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides.

Journal : This will keep important information for you and also has the world map. World Map : This shows you all the areas of the game, including where you are, where theres is an objective, and what you haven't unlocked yet. Hints :The Beast is your hint button and is unlimited but must refill.

Objectives : When you click certain areas new objects will appear on your screen. Hidden Object Scenes : You can click on an item in the list and see the silhouette.

Each scene will have random objects for each player. Only inventory items will be circled.

The Cottage examine the tree trunk and remove the Dagger go left Owl Creek pick up the Pitchfork pick up the Torn Painting Fragment click on the broken swing examine the pile of leaves use the Pitchfork to remove the leaves pick up the Acorn place the Acorn into Mr. Beak use the Ships Wheel on the spindle examine the spindle use the Oilcan on the spindler examine the area to the right - hidden object scene take the Monocle examine the box against the wall Thread Puzzle eliminate all the matching spools see screenshot for solution take the Spool of Red Thread give the Spool of Red Thread on the spindler turn the crank three times take the Red Scarf give the Red Scarf and Monocle to Mr.

Beak pick up the other Heart Handle Half from the nest pick up the Feather Duster under the nest take back the Ship's Wheel go down Throne Room examine the door on the left place both Heart Handle Halves inside the door enter the bedroom Royal Bedroom place the Atlantis Candles on each side of the mirror use the Feather Duster on the mirror take the Royal Chest Key examine the chest at the foot of the bed use the Royal Chest Key to open the chest beauty and the beast walkthrough the Mechanical Heart return to the courtyard Courtyard use the Mechanical Heart on the butler examine the reliquary revealed by the rose bushes pick up the Zeppelin Repair Kit return to the beast castle entrance Beast Castle give the butler the Zeppelin Repair Kit use the Ship ' s Wheel on the zeppelin click on the zeppelin The Cottage examine the cellar - hidden object scene take the Sieve go left Owl Creek talk to Mr.

Beak take the Teacup use the Sieve on the creek by the tree take the Gem go to the cottage garden Cottage Beauty and the beast walkthrough place the Crown on the stone frog take the Gem examine the fountain place the Gem's in the owls eyes use the Teacup on the fountain receive Moon Tea return to owl creek Owl Creek give the Moon Tea to Mr. Spider Puzzle use the Blunderbuss to shoot the spiders you have three shots per round go into the aviary Aviary examine the corner - hidden object scene take the Helm of Wind return to the armory Armory replace all the Helms examine the book under the sword in the stone Beauty and the Beast Puzzle find 20 roses take the Soul Shard use the Gauntlet of Strength to pull out the Enchanted Sword go to the throne room Throne Room use the Enchanted Sword to free the Beast double eek!

Spider Puzzle use the sword to defeat the spider first strike the spider next strike the spiderlings cut the highlighted rope tied to the Beast repeat this process until you defeat the spider s use the Soul Shard on the Beast use an Empty Vial on the spider to get Spider Venom go down Grand Hall pick up the Web Thre from the base of the stairs return to the aviary Aviary give the spindler the Web Thre take the Binding Thread go to the dining room Dining Room use the Binding Thread on the scorpion use an Empty Vial on the scorpion to get Scorpion Venom return to the courtyard Courtyard examine the reliquary use the Vials of Venom on each creature take the Enchanted Rose return to the throne room Throne Room give the Enchanted Rose to the Beast The End!