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How old am I: I'm 32 years old
Hobby: Adult Married Want Meet Dating Horney Senior Ready Bbw Looking For Man
Nationality: Scottish
My hair: I've blond hair
Sign of the zodiac: I'm Cancer
What is my body type: My body features is medium-build
I like: Mountain climbing
Smoker: Yes

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Such thoughts sometimes go through our stupid minds. So I posted a caption the other day about being a chatwhore. I got tons of messages asking me about how to do it. We have all heard of camwhores but this is much simpler and geared toward the sissy who is not quite ready or confident enough to go on cam with real men or to expose themselves at that level. It is also good for sissies still struggling with denial. You may say to yourself that you are still attracted to women. You may even still be having sex with women.

But if you pay close attention you will notice that your thoughts are changing. You might find that you have to think about panties or being forced femmed to stay hard while you are having sex. You are more focused on their pretty clothes, hair, and makeup. You want to BE them not fuck them.

You are envious of their ability to make men want them. You are envious of their femininity. Their postures and mannerisms capture your full attention. You are changing sissy. If you follow my instructions and learn and practice being a chatwhore for real men you will no longer be able to deny your gay tendencies. When you chat to men for hours on end and then notice that the panties you are wearing are dripping wet with your precum, what other conclusion will you be able to come to other than that you are at the very least, partly gay?

YOU will be the woman. YOU will be dressed as woman and helping men cum.

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And It will excite you so much. The writing will be on the wall. In the months that follow you will not even be able to get hard for women. But you will ALWAYS get hard when tell you what a slut you are and cum in your mouth while you are chatting in your little panties. A key part of this exercise involves reinforcing your conditioning. What conditioning? The sissy conditioning you are already going through of course. Remember when this all started? Many years ago. It was just a fascination with panties.

Hours on Tumblr looking at sissy captions. Your ever changing and growing list of sissy fantasies. You know the ones. Caught at work by the IT guy. Caught at home by your wife and her friends. Forced bi. Diaper training. High heel training.

Posture collars. Women verbally humiliating you for being a loser and making you wear panties. Maid service. Schoolgirl fantasies. Shall I go on? You just got aroused by touching panties. And then wearing them. But now look at you. So, as I was saying, learning to be a good little chatwhore for real men will reinforce your sissy conditioning.

The more convincing you are, the more real men will treat you like a little cumslut.

I know it is. What you will need:. Before you log on to a chatroom of your choice you need to be dressed appropriately. Remember you will not be on cam but it is important that you immerse yourself in your role. You are going to be a sexy girl for hard cocks. You need to dress the part. At a minimum you should be wearing panties, bra, and lipstick. The more you dress and make yourself up the better though.

Wear bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, high heels, and a skirt and blouse. Paint your nails so when you see yourself typing it will arouse you even more. Remember — this is about pleasing men, not yourself. You are going to let men use you.

Man after man will talk dirty to you while they jerk off.

You will help countless men cum. You will be a whore available to any man who messages you.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Once you are dressed you should put on full makeup. Lick your lips when the men tell you they are going to fuck your mouth. Taste your lipstick and feel your little clitty weep in your panties as you imagine actually doing the nasty things you type to these anonymous horny men. Okay, all dressed and made up slut? Good girl. Now it is time to pick a chatroom. Find a room. Now pick your user name. Is your sissy name Amber? How about Ambercheer00? This will send the message that you are a flirty little bully sissy tumblr and you are 18 years old. Or you could use something like Amberflirt or Amberhottie etc.

Remember you are creating the illusion that you are an actual girl. You can also often choose an avatar or a cute girl to go by your name. You can also pics but why bother? What to avoid: Any man who asks if you want to cam or sends you a video request just ignore. That is not what this is about. If you are ready to cam then this task is not for you and you are already about ready to become a chatwhore on Chaturbate.

This exercise is for those who want to hone their skills at making men hard. At making men cum. This is for those who want to be treated like sluts and verbally humiliated and used. Also avoid men who ask for pics or want to call you.

Just hit ignore and move on. Okay, you have changed your color to pink or purple and chosen a girly avatar. What next? You will notice that the main screen is a constant scroll of public messages going back and forth. This is called the main room.

You will be avoiding this for the most part and confining yourself to private messages. But your first step is to send out the bait. The slut bait. So start by sending a message out in the main room.