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Dreams of desire episode 9


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The graphical engine Ren'Py has become the go-to for developing the vast majority of graphical adventures for overs which are adapted for Android, though some prefer to call them visual novels. It has also been used to create Dreams of Desirefeaturing a young man whose hormones are hitting the roof.

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The Episode starts with Fateh leaving in his car. Jasmin asks Gippy to drop her home. Gippy says you messaged me that we will go out, do you think I m your driver. She says no, husband come driver. Fateh thinks of Jasmin. A biker comes in front. Fateh gets down the car and goes to beat him. Tejo stops him.

She calms him down. He says we could have got hurt. She says relax, what happened to you. They get inside the car and leave.

He says sorry, its academy stress, coach has left. Tejo says we can get any other coach, just relax. He nods. Mami goes to Satti and says I want to tell you all, why Jasmin has agreed to marry Gippy.

Jasmin comes home and hears this. She asks Mami to say what was she saying. She jokes on Mami. She says Mami thinks I want to get Fateh and separate him from Tejo. Satti asks did you want to say this. Mami says yes, this is the truth, Jasmin is cunning, she is playing a big game. Jasmin says yes, I m mad to do this, right Bebe, do you also think so, do you all think I will go back to Fateh by leaving my dreams, Canada. Mami says I m not lying, Jasmin was mad to talk to Fateh, she is just using Gippy to go close to Fateh, trust me.

Satti asks Jasmin to swear on her and say that Mami is saying wrong.

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Bebe asks did you go mad, you trust your Bhabhi, not your daughter, I trust Jasmin. Mami says she is stubborn to get Fateh. Jasmin thinks how does she read my mind. Jasmin goes smiling.

Dreams of desire android

Fateh cries and thinks of Jasmin, he goes and sees Tejo happy with the family. Khushbeer comes.

Dada ji asks him to have tea. Nimmo says Gurpreet, Tejo has started influencing everyone. Jasmin says Fateh would be still thinking of me. Fateh angrily throws the things in the washroom. Fateh sees his shirt. He throws the shirt. He goes to kitchen. He sees Tejo. He holds her hand and takes her. She asks what happened. He hugs her and feels like crying. She worries.

Tejo says wrong, I m lucky to get a life partner like you. He hugs her and thinks of Jasmin. She holds him and closes eyes. She smiles. Nimmo calls out Tejo.

Dreams of desire [episodes ]

Fateh gets away and smiles. He goes. Tejo smiles happily. Tejo sees the saree he got. She recalls his words. She dances holding the saree. She happily gets ready. Fateh comes to the room. He sees her happily adorning herself. He knocks the door. He s her to come out. She s 2 mins. He s I will wait downstairs.

She s okay. Fateh stops and turns to see her. He knocks again. He s she looks lovely. Precap: Jasmin learns that Satti went to meet Tejo.

Satti informs Tejo that Jasmin is not interested in marrying Gippy. Tejo is shocked. I really enjoy writing and being a part of Tellyupdates. I believe in hard work and dedication. I have a craze of trying creative yet difficult things. My aim is to do good work. Jamai Raja fame Ravi Dubey undergoes a massive transformation post his Covid recovery. Tejo is hoing to getbher heart broken but Fateh isnt even going to realise because he is trying to move on but Jasmine wont let him. They need to introduce a new male like one of Tejos college friends, who was her best friend so that Fateh gets jealous.

I just want Bebe and satti to soon find the truth…After so much happened…still they are trusting JasMean and not at all thinking about Tejo which was so irritating…. Satti nd tejo only thinks about jasmine. How can a sister fall in love with someone who her sister nearly married. Tejo always new feteh is perfect husband as she has told jasmine many times and even said it today and she grabbed the chance.

Its this whole thing marrying your sister bf to save the family reputation really??? I thought these shows are more about women empowerment and independence.

Dreams of desire episode 9

As obviously it will create a longer story line and more dramas will happen etc by that happening the show will go on for like few years. Women empowerment and feminism is about giving women the agency to make their decisions and respecting themselves and others enough to stand by them. Jasmin is not.

What could they do, handcuff her to the mandap? She insulted her love, family and proved to have no values. If Fateh had self-respect, regardless of how pure his love for Jasmin was, he would have dropped her seeing as she has such little regard for him.