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There are currently ten known types of these stones. It is an elliptical-shaped stone that is blue in appearance, with a bubble inia inside of it.

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For a detailed walkthrough of the game. In Season Pokemon : -Qilfish: First you need to battle Ralph the fisher with the Goldeen in route32, after the battle get his and then wait for his call. Battle him, get hisand wait for the call. You will find Dunsparce in the Dark Cave.

Battle him, get hisand wait. You'll find Snubbull in the area to the right.

Marril will be found in Mt. Remoraid is in the water of route Related: Pokemon Black and White Review. Otherwise, there will be some confusion with names and so forth. First, place a flying pokemon that has been taught to FLY, as the first pokemon in your lineup, the "Golden Gyarados" as the sixth position, and the pokemon whose color is to be changed in the second position. After doing this, put all of the pokemon back into the PC except the first one. Next, take out the pokemon that was in the second position before, the one that will be changed.

Enter the bug-catching contest that is near Kogane city. This is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Pokemon crystal, how to get elemental stones fast before kanto

As soon as you enter it, exit right away. When the clerk asks you if you want to quit, make sure you say NO, which is always the lower answer. Store the pokemon that will be changed in a PC, then go back to the contest and say YES, the top answer, to complete the contest. Return to a PC, withdraw the pokemon, and check its status screen.

Evolutionary stones

The pokemon will be a different color, but it will have Gyarados's name. Grow the pokemon until it evolves. You may want to use Rare Candies if you have any.

Now when you go into battle with the evolved form of the original pokemon, it will have a shining status. Item Duplication : Equip a pokemon with a strong item, such as a Master Ball. Put a pokemon with FLY in the first position of your lineup. Put a very bad pokemon, such as Rattata, in your second slot, and put the pokemon with the item to be duplicated in your sixth slot.

Put all of the pokemon into a PC box except for the first one.

Take out the second one. Enter the Bug Catching contest, but exit it as soon as you enter. When the clerk asks you if you want to leave, say NO which is always the bottom answer. Go back in and use the flying pokemon to leave the contest. Deposit the second pokemon back into a PC. Go back to the contest and say YES, which is always the top answer, to finish. Now check your status screen. Your second pokemon should be in your possession, and it will have the item you wanted to be duplicated attached to it. Take the item away from it, then throw the pokemon away.

You may do this as many times as you want to get the items you need. Turn any Pokeball into a Masterball : Throw the ball. If it doesn't work try again and it'll work. Try this with Eevee or any of his evolutions to get all the Eevee evolutions!

If you make a mistake, you may lose the pokemon instead of duplicating it. First, determine which pokemon you wish to clone. Make sure you don't have over 5 pokemon in your lineup. Any item that your pokemon is carrying when it is cloned will duplicate also. Put the pokemon you wish to clone in a box on a PC. Change boxes. As the game is saving, turn off the power. When you turn it back on, there should be two of the pokemon you wanted to clone.

Some of these are the man near the entrance of "Ice Shortcut", a girl near the entrance of Victory Road in route 26, and a man on route After defeating these people, say "Yes" to their question, and they will give you their phone. Continue on your journey, and sometimes they will call you back for a rematch!

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Rare Pokemon Trick : When you come to a rare pokemon that you can only catch once, such as Usocky, Lugia, or Houou, go right next to the pokemon but do not press any buttons. Save your game immediately. Now fight the pokemon as usual.

If you catch him, then don't worry, you don't need the code. If you lose, however, or you accidentally kill the pokemon, shut off the game without saving. When you turn it back on, you will be right in front of the pokemon and you have another chance to catch him.

You can keep doing this until you finally capture it! Save Time : When you arrive in Enjyu City, head straight to the tower. Your rival will confront you there, but he will not fight you. This saves time because if you get the Gym Badge first and then go to the tower, your rival will fight you. How to Get Ho-oH as Your First Pokemon : Take 20 or more pokeballs then cut down any tree, now get to where the tree was and save your game. Then shut the game boy off. Then back on and find a Ditto in minutes. Then save and shut off the game.

Now start a new game and you got Ho-oH. Clone Pokemon Without a link or second gameboy : Go to the pokemon Center.

Open PC and deposit 2 desired pokemon. It MUST be 2 pokemon. No more. No less. Deposit these two pokemon in any box except box 6. Now go to box 6 and when your saving and it says not to turn off the power, turn it off. When you turn it back on, the two pokemon you deposited should be in your party.

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Those are the clones! The two original pokemon should be in the box you deposited! You can do this over and over. My friend got a bunch of L Typhlosion! How to Breed Pokemon : First go to the daycare center with the old man and the old lady.

Evolution stone

I have only breeded the pokemon that are listed in the Game Faq. Give the male pokemon to the old man and the female to the old lady. This code takes a long time. Whenever you see the old man standing outside it means the pokemon made an egg. Its takes the same as when Togepi's egg hatched. Pokemon Crystal Gameboy For a detailed walkthrough of the game .