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Very often, maybe always, the updates break save states. Loading a saved game from an earlier version may work, but usually doesn't.

My impression is that work on the game happens in sweeps through all of it, not in chronological order so next patch may re-write -say- the mid-section, or the beginning of the game. You usually won't find out that your loaded game is broken until you cannot progress suddenly, even though you didn't reach the end of content yet. You get a warning about that, but what are you supposed to do, f95zone slutcraft start a new game with every patch? Because I have replayed it at least a few times, I get bored with the text very easily and try to skip through dialogue as much as possible, missing details about my tasks that I should remember, but don'tand thus I keep getting stuck for a bit.

There is no Quest tracker really, except for the tree of scenes you have unlocked, and it's not useful enough but better than nothing. The dialogue is sometimes buggy and will often mislead you about what to do next.

The art is really good, I find and holds up throughout the game. I wish Stukov was even half as charismatic as he is in the real starcraft he is a bit buffoonish in this game. And his main dialogue drawing is not great, let's say. The Zerg porn on the other hand is actually pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised by that. They don't look very appealing in the original games.

Well done. Didn't know I wanted to see that.

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The game-play mechanics are for the most part annoying mini-games. There are hints of exploration where you may think that you'll get to wander around and visit different locations and also hints of upgrading things and resource management, but those are pretty much fake-outs and you have an extremely linear plot-path where choices are meaningless.

You probably won't quite understand the mini-games if your experience turns out similar to mine, you will wonder how to progress and try clicking random things and re-read the same dialogues many times, you may be playing broken save-states and you will be re-playing the same stuff a lot if you want to support this game. I have been a patron for a short while, because I find this game quite unique, it's ambitious and may very well f95zone slutcraft out well in the end.

There is a big event in there, where that game changes quite a bit, from there on the mini-games are torture they are not hard, just drain your will to care about any of this. I still have no idea what the drone-essence mini game is and what the bar means.

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There is also a maze mini-game from the realm of nightmares where you are chased by the scary thingtry to run, and your body won't move. Ever wanted that as a game? Now you have it, but less scary and more not-movingly. I want this to succeed, but it's too frustrating to play right now. I love this game so far! Very interesting premise with lots of good scenes and artwork.

Big fan. Hopefully it'll continue to be just as good! From the plot to the pace to content this is just perfect. The active play enhances the experience and doesn't get tedious. The appearance is great and there is enough of a variety in pictures.

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Even those that only go for the most realistic 3d stuff would appreciate this. Five stars! Great original game in the Starcraft universe.

One of the best corruption games out there with very gradual corruption and a decent story to back it up. Art is also of high quality.

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Serves to a wide range of fetishes mainly found in hentai but with a refreshing western story and art style. This is the game i wanted for a long time, a corruption arc with kerrigan. For a 0. I had a few issues figuring out how to progress during certain points, because theres currently no quest log, and the person you talk to about the quest doesn't elaborate on what they want you to do, if you missed initially.

I'm really looking forward to updates. I think this project is currently the best example of Starcraft porn. It uses some aspects of the universe for porn and takes place at a very intriguing time, regarding lore. The slow progression from human contact and simple common fetishes to more and more lecherous sex with zerg means it doesn't get stale. The f95zone slutcraft itself is of the highest level, maybe except for a couple of scenes. The jokes littered through the script also keep the atmosphere from becoming too gloomy and are sometimes very funny.

It's also nice to see how much work goes into the impressive artworks that are not pornography, especially the whole sequence with the Chrysalis. Finally, what I love most about this game is how deep it is willing to dive into the exact aspect of sex with the zerg, rather than how many people try to replace it with tentacles. The game also has great potential to actually create an interesting gameplay based on Sarah's mutations. Of course, the best doesn't mean the perfect one. It has problems with the lore that are impossible f95zone slutcraft fix since that would ruin the whole concept of the game.

For example, Stukov shouldn't be there at all. On the other hand, it opens up a huge space for new developments in the story, and it's gotten better lately. Going on about the negative parts, some segments of the grind are just crazy. Two weeks of masturbation without any other activities?

I really hope that doesn't happen again. And the last thing is that I as a person who read books about Sarah Kerrigan can't help but notice that she does not exactly match what she is in the games, falling into the trap of a template girl for porn games of this type.

These are probably all my complaints that I think are fixable. Also if the developer hears me, where are the inflation scenes? The game text says that Sarah's stomach is inflating, but the picture doesn't change in the slightest. Also, I would say that the abundance of abrupt stops and placeholders is very disappointing. I love this Game. The 2D art-style is amazing and all scenes are fucking hot.

The game-play is a bit repetitive, but the scenes are absolutely worth it. Some of you might be more f95zone slutcraft vanilla, but I really enjoy the variety of genres from bestiality to tentacles. Using the Starcraft Lore, this game has a lot f95zone slutcraft potential. It's so sad that the developers focus so much on Stukov Russian bearded jerk. Stukov's personality is not even like that in the original game! I find the forced kissing scenes with Stukov especially horrendous. Fortunately, the game seems to be steering away from Stukov with each update.

Speaking of updates, God they are slow to come! So yes, the recent updates introduce some welcome lewd scenes with Zerg creatures. Seriously this what I expect from a lewd Stracraft game, not endless talks with annoying jerk. More like this please. All things considered the game is pretty good, especially the arts and Ah I forgot to mention: the game is grindy. Awesome Update!! The artwork is improving after every update. They're introducing more characters from the Starcraft Universe in Very hot situations while keep within the lore.

The story provides nice build and a Leveling system with multiply endings and alternative scenes. Sarah would also look more sexy and in line with any of the newer characters added. Cant wait to see Where the ShadowPortal next us next! As a StarCraft professional, I was excited at the possibility of nutting to my favorite lore.