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A fantasy MMO is a game set in a world outside of the realms of reality. Perhaps you can play as animals, fight dragons or use magic, perhaps you can jump rivers or fly through the air — the point of a fantasy MMO is that the developers can run wild with their ideas and offer you, the player, an experience like no other. Fantasy MMOs are pretty broad and can appeal to anybody.

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Warning: Some of the video games listed below are not suitable for younger viewers. It seems counter-intuitive at first until you think about it. The most profitable and successful multiplayer games are ones that you get, and get into, for free. Or we should say, that you can play for free. And that, as they say, is where they getcha.

The scope of EVE Online is very ambitious.

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It sets about to create a kind of persistent, alternate sci-fi universe and allows the players to do what they will within it, trusting that given the tools, including a dynamic supply and demand-based economy system along with the standard crafting and combat of gaming, that interesting things will arise. And they do. EVE Online moved to a free-to-play model in Disclosure: Our site may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this .

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Free-to-play games for fun and profit It seems counter-intuitive at first until you think about it. In multiplayer online free-to-play games, the of other people constantly engaged is part of the draw.

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Nobody wants to hang out in a sparsely populated, dead zone. Everybody wants to go to the party where everybody else is already going. Letting players in without charge and pumping up those s of engaged human beings interacting with each other makes a whole lot of sense - especially if you give all those players reasonably compelling reasons why they might want to pay a little bit, here and there, for enhancements or features or in-game loot or swag.

Those micro-payments add up to big s. And the proof of concept is in the bank s of the studios who pull it off correctly. The free-to-play gaming phenomenon is not new, but it is experiencing a renaissance. MMORPGs need massive s of players logging in to feel like a fully populated other-world of fantasy and adventure.

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War Thunder is an MMO military combat game set in World War II across all theaters of conflict and spheres of aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets at sea. It offers painstaking attention to detail that the enthusiast and casual gamer alike will marvel at. War Thunder is a synthesis of simulation with arcade-style, accessible controls and a diverse set of playable options that truly creates a sense of pitched battle with real people.

The game offers free play, which allows gamers to get good at the various crafts, and there is much to be done within the limits of the earnable levels and currency rewards. Players who really get bit by the WWII bug and want to face off against other dedicated wargamers will probably switch to the premium to access the top-level gear and equipment. This is a game with history. The original RuneScape was a low-resolution, in-browser game fromdeveloped by two enterprising siblings the Gower brothers who loved computers and fantasy. All you needed was a dial-up connection and a web browser.

Free-to-play games for fun and profit

Truth be told, it was little more than a modified fantasy chat room with some primitive graphics and an system. It began with a few hundred players.

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The beloved classic version of RuneScape continued to be supported for 17 years, closing up in RuneScape 3 is an updated version of the same kind of reliable, comforting RPG experience. Questing, leveling up, gaining gear, defeating monsters, and finding items are part of a formula that works.

League of Legends is a third-person battle arena game. Think of it like a gigantic, living, real-time board game where you summon and control game pieces and send them off to fight and conquer. Each Champion type can command different types of forces, and the players are pitted against other Summoners, their Champions, and forces.

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League of Legends is free to play in the "freemium" sense of "free. World of Warcraft WoW is now free, sort of. But not really.

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WoW is the granddaddy of the online fantasy world for a very good reason. Blizzard not only innovated many of the conventions of MMORPG gameplay, storytelling, and questing, but it can be argued that it has done the most to perfect them. The world of the Horde of Orcs and the Alliance of Men has been fraught with all manner of epic grandeur and twists for decades and continues to provide compelling reasons to stick around.

A video featuring the in-game historical events and the creations of the player base was a part of the display. The collective storytelling of hundreds of thousands of players, each pursuing their own goals, and in the process, creating an ongoing world, was enough to become high art.

Fantasy mmo games

Imagine being the hero of your own Star Wars story, playing in the shared worlds of the onscreen saga that launched the imaginations of millions around the world to look up to the skies and wonder. Playing through each different class will give a player a distinct and different storyline from each other, but all are integrated into the story of the game's overarching plotline.

This is a game that began its life as a pay-to-play model, but has moved to free-to-play to attract and keep a constant player base.

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Set in the high fantasy world of Tyria, Guild Wars 2 imagines a realm where five sleeping Elder Dragons have begun to wake. They cause destruction and opportunity for adventure and heroism on the part of the millions of players who populate its world - and servers. What Guild Wars 2 does so very well that eludes other titles is to create a sense of community by way of shared consequences.

Guild Wars 2 features incredible visual effects and de and a sense of being thrust into a world in crisis, wherein your quests are a part of the larger struggle against a global threat.

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Leveling up means being a part of, and witness to, cinematic and impressive set-pieces that are all a part of what makes getting into Guild Wars 2 something of a pretty good value proposition, considering the cost of entry. And that is, of course, free. What this equates to for you, the player, is the opportunity to quest, item-craft, and engage in player vs.

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The emphasis in TERA is action. It was developed with the idea that one should be able to use a console-style controller without needing a keyboard and mouse. What awaits you in the game are lush, beautiful environments and a sprawling, open-world that lets you engage in exciting combat with Big-Ass Monsters BAMs - which are the oversized specialty enemies that you encounter within TERA.