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High tails hall


Years: 35
Hobby: Wifes Wanting Men To Fuck Just Looking For A Good Lady
Ethnicity: Russian
Who do I prefer: Male
Tone of my eyes: Cold gray-blue eyes
What is my gender: Lady
My Sign of the zodiac: Aries
Figure features: My figure features is quite slender
Favourite music: Blues
What is my hobbies: Fishing
I have piercing: Eyebrow piercing

First launched in as a Flash game on Newgrounds, the High Tail Hall project has gone through four major versions in the history its development as a result of setbacks and delays throughout the years. The game currently exists as a public beta and is planned to have a full disk release when it is completed. In the current version of the project, the player's character can explore an island called New Cyana in an unspecified body of water, exploring the nature, ruins, and the in-universe version HTH Studios, all while seeking intercourse with the HTH Studios cast members and natives on the island.

About me

Profile Gallery Scraps Favorites Journals. Profile Gallery Scraps Fav orite s Journals. Phase 1 has just been activated and the location is now live! This is just the begining ShujinTribble Photographer link. Crowchild Digital Artist link parent.

ShujinTribble Photographer link parent. I know Dragon Art Whore link. Oh, and while I'm not one to say something bad against such awesome work, on the PDA thing. Just thought I'd let you know, at least. Zekumas link.

Recent journals

Minor typo BlazingDarkWolf Writer link. Kitsuryu Watcher stegosaur link.

Ethelwulf Traditional Artist link. Glad to see you got it done. Congratulations man. Can't wait to see the final, and keep up the good work on it and your movie.

High tail hall 2

EraDragon Fursuiter link. Dude, for real? Its like Runa Writer link. Runa Writer link parent. The glass room is the only area online, and no girls? Good work nonetheless. I love the ethereal music. Ah, updates. Great to see it coming along! Waaah It wont load for me : guess I'll try the website again tonight after work :. Gildedtongue Writer link.

Heh, glad to see the bare bones starting Erm, not to pry too much, but how's Rio coming? GooooooD yes Finally, Thank thank you. Very nice so far!

Interface is very smooth. Can't wait to see the updates! Is Max the name of the player character? I need phurreh babes! BaseHedgehog Anthro Artist link. Incaros Watcher link. LordJaguar Writer link. MegaManstitch87 Watcher link. All right! You're doing good.

Doubleofox Watcher link. How does one become a gust on the guest list? Zaniac Writer link.

Bluevirage Writer link. Excellent I really like the graphics as far as what I have seen so far. The music is also very nice as well. HTH P is great. I almost felt we're playing RPG because of the music. By you furries will settle for anything. Arsis Watcher link. Awesome so far, I bet we are all gonna love it, keep up the good work.

Will be glad to see the updates when they're up and running. Indeed, the music almost seems to be out of a Silent Hill game. Rather mood setting and fun! NutjobGTO Photographer link parent. It's equal parts released and not-released. It's some kind of quantom-mechanical thing. Is Schrodinger fapping or not fapping? Both, at the same time, until observed.

Esichs Watcher link. Zoe was my favorite character Seeing the concepts for her, she's going to be twice as hot!

ACDCwuff Writer link. Dodger Photographer link. Looks pretty good. Nice graphics, nice music Can't wait for the girls I wish you good luck with this. Devolger Watcher link.

High tail hall

AkromaNereti Writer link. If only I had a computer that could run it Lucky Anthro Artist link. Halfstar 3D Animator link.

My computer doesn't seem to like HTHstudios. Just keeps coming up with cannot be displayed. But I"m sure if I click refresh enough, and believe Draxaan Watcher link. Can't wait for the girls to arrive! I'm guessing Zoe will be in this one because of one of your teaser pictures. As someone asked earlier, how do you get on the guest list? I have a feeling it will be announcing what girls are currently live though.

Thanks Crowchild, you made it happen!