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Just enough time for me to make an old fashioned. Bought a bottle of rye to celebrate! Wtf, I might just actually play 2 hours before I need to go to work that night. Just be happy you're not me. The timing could not have been worse. Ah well.

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Man, they came a long way from butt joke of the entire generation to an example of developers that don't nickel and dime the players and keep adding content. They keep adding content, but sadly the game mechanics as shallow as was in release.

One of the rare games that I've played and then bought, Online is worth the money no question. Download in dodi-repacks siteand all torrent sites.

No man's sky (v/origins + dlc + multiplayer, multi14) gb / rebel galaxy outlaw (vb, multi5) gb [fitgirl repacks]

Is it possible? I pre-ordered this game and it felt like the worst mistake of my life when I started playing it.

I also couldn't return it on steam because I had more than 2 hours played But Maybe i will go back to it haven't touched it since it came out. Eh, tastes differ, wven if they did everything they promised at launch there would still be people who dont like it.

I even played more than 2 hours on steam and couldn't refund it. New Game Repack. Sort by: best.

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