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How old am I: I'm 45 years old
Hobby: Looking To Get My Girl Jealous
Ethnicity: French
Eyes colour: I’ve got lustrous green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair: I've long thick red hair
What I prefer to drink: Ale
Smoker: Yes

So I was a single guy in college. At the time I was a junior and on the track and field team at my D1 school.

About me

So I was on the way back from bringing my gf to the airport. I, her bf, sent her off to a well overdo well deserved vacation. Not the first time. Everyday is better then the last. We both knew from the start that we were extremely sexual, and very open. Our relationship got even better when we both, together, started to explore outside of our own bedroom. Both of us are bi. Nothing is off the table.

Anything goes. If she or I has a fantasy we say it.

Then immediately start planning it. Honesty is huge, of course, with this type of relationship. So I decided to take a leap. My mind snapped back 2 months prior to both of us finding out about an adult book store that also had gloryholes…woah. The exit for the store is coming up in a mile. Should I? Getting off the exit, right down the street. Getting closer. Parking lot. Fuck it.

Gloryhole gay

Lets do it. I remembered from before with gf to have cash. I guess some places are different. Some places have tokens.

Gloryhole gay

This particular place you can just walk right in to a booth. Lock the door, pay the machine, and your good. That is exactly what happened. I walk down, and to the back. See some guys lurking around. I guess changing from booth to booth is conmen place. I look up at the lights. Green means taken. Red, is open. I see a booth that is open. Flanked by green lights.

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Walk in. Start looking through the different channels. My mind racing, I pick a video, throw my sweatshirt on the chair. Unbuckle my pants and sit down. I look on both sides and see black holes. Then I hear someone stand up next to me. Turn my head, and there is cock one. Straight to my knees. I take it in my hand. Obviously no going back now. I could tell whoever was on the other side was happy to be so welcomed. I stroke his cock as it starts to grow. He had a full bush.

Kind of grey. His cock grew, and grew, and grew. I put all of my mouth around his dick and go for the gold. I am proud to say I have some great blowjob skills. Pretty much your choice. My gf and I got creative. Like I said another story. I swallowed, my cock in my other hand gently stroking. A few minutes go by. The hole on the left has no action still. So I get down and peek through. Whata cock.

Nice big meaty cock. I put two fingers in the hole. No one in the booth to the right. Few minutes. It is what it is. I take a stab in the dark. Put my fingers in the whole again.

Here some shuffling. My stomach drops…. A really nice cock. At this time. I remember my gf. I took a nice little snap video. Me stroking it, sucking it. Licking up and down the shaft. I keep going and working his cock.

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I feel my mouth full with salty cum. Holding his cock and with a mouth full of cum.

I open my mouth and snap the gf a pic. Open door. I love gloryholes. Note my gf is on a plane. Not believing my luck. I sit back in the chair. Peak through the hole and see a guy with his cock though the other side enjoying his time. Again, I love gloryholes.