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What is my age: I am 28
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Gender: Lady
Hair color: Black
What is my body features: My body type is quite strong
What I prefer to drink: I like mulled wine
In my spare time I love: Swimming

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About me

Detailed DEXA from most recent scan Skinny my entire life; fast metabolism. No sports background until adulthood other than lifting weights, I play in a recreational flag football league. Of course, everyone's bodies are different, even those with a similar stature. I wanted to show what various body fat percentages looks like on the same person for reddit xx consistency, and thought to compare them all after my last scan. It was nice to see some tangible with data attached.

I was always a really uncordinated and not sporty kid so PE was a nightmare for me. They said fit people should be able to run a mile under 9 minutes without walking after only running one time a quarter? I've had to unlearn a lot about what fitness is as an adult and learn that just because I can't do a push up and that my average pace for runs is in the double digits doesn't mean that I'm unhealthy, I have strengths in other areas and at least try to move my body.

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Been lifting weights since February and have seen incredible progress in my strength and muscling technically muscle preservation since I am losing weight, but it is still noticeable. I actually hurt my lower back last month from back squats because my form was unsteady and I didn't know how to correct. PT said reddit xx was a strain and to lay off heavy compound lifts that incorporate my back for several weeks and highly reccomended I see a trainer.

I don't think I can fit seeing a trainer into my schedule this coming semester so I am looking for other options. My university offers indoor rock climbing, would that be suitable? I would plan to do it along with my modified Michael Matthews workout plan that excludes back squats and deadlifts. As a novice lifter, I'm near the end of my first year lifting however I've just started going to an actual gym. Starting a upper lower split built around the big 5 compound lifts. I was curious as to if changing my frequency to 6x a week rather than 4x a week could result in worse.

Would working out too reddit xx lead to more muscle loss if on a cut? Alternately would working out more on a bulk lead to slower gains or rather more gains? I've just heard there is a limit to lifting to where it doesn't benefit you but can rather be harmful. Welcome to XXFitness! We ask that all new members read the FAQ before posting to avoid duplicate content!

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Posted by 1 day ago. Did PE give anyone else warped views of fitness and exercise?

Posted by 16 hours ago. Strength training that can replace heavy compound lifts? Posted by 9 hours ago.

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What is the limit to weight training to where it becomes detrimental? About Community. However, all genders are welcome to contribute, all we ask is that you abide by the rules. Created Jul 27, Filter by flair.


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WTF Wednesday. Related Communities. New to the Subreddit? Possible ED or body dysmorphia related. I love reporting things, reporting is my favorite.

Posts Must Meet Content Guidelines. Moderator list hidden. Learn More. Back to Top. Prioritized training for strength. Deliberately dirty bulked as an experiment, because YOLO. New DEXA scan - 29, 5'4", lbs Kept the same lifting program, but went on a cut from Renaissance Periodization RP.