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Thread starter muttdoggy Start date Feb 28, 2d game combat female protagonist rpg side-scroller stripping. Discussion Reviews 5. Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 18 of 36 Go to. Aug 16, Ungawa said:.

That's not the PC quest. You know Shay in Dungeon 1? How you get her to find a piece? You gave this person the wrong info, yo. Jun 22, 30 Hi, sorry the save's not working for me, I've got the latest version 2. Jul 8, 29 5.

Just tested out the save it's working are you under the right version and putting it in the correct place? Jun 5, 3, 2, I've got it in the same folder as the Simply Mindy build, that usually works which is why I'm confused. That's not how it works with flash games.

Flash games store their saves elsewhere on the computer. But without knowing what OS you're using, I couldn't tell you where your saves are. Jan 29, 1 0.

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Can someone post how to get the other two contest endings besides the one you get for winning them all? I tried losing them all and winning them all but refusing the orb and now I'm out of ideas. Every other ending I managed to figure out or look up but people on the entire internet just stopped posting how to get endings after the gloryhole update.

Also for the person asking for the PC quest.

You get three parts for the quests for the blue haired teacher, dom teacher and jizzwizz in the first dungeon, and the last piece for I think Jizzwizz quest in the second. DTruth New Member. Jul 6, 7 9. Anyone knows how to obtain the zombie fucktoy ending?

Killerzzz New Member. Feb 5, 10 0. Is anyone having problem while combining elements to Armour in simply mindy v2. I am able to combine elements to sword but having problems while doing the same with the armour Desan3 Member. May 6, Mindy don't move in dungeon.

Neither arrow keys or wasd don't work.

Is it a bug or do I make something wrong? Niloc Newbie. Sep 23, 22 Is there a list of endings and how to get them anywhere? I've gotten all of them except the final pimping one pimpyBackstab the old fashioned way, but can't figure that one out at all. Reactions: Brololol.

Brololol Member. Oct 19, I got the quest to give myself to 7 ghosts but only way for them to fuck is to lose the battle or give up and that puts me to 1 hp. Brololol said:. Bridgitt Newbie.

Jan 21, 19 0. Yeah, I wrote that as Zombie sex toy - What you do is: Recover John's brain but refuse to sleep with him. After that wait for days to get cutscenes. Just follow the instructions from that point onward to unplug John's brain. There is list of the first 41 achievements and hints how to get them in post on 11 atm.

Good luck. Bridgitt said:.

I followed these explanations but I became Chemist. Roxas New Member. May 1, 2 0. How do you get past the big guy in the 3rd dungeon? Sep 3, 32 Does anyone have a save with the full monster gallery on the brothel?

For anyone interested remember to click on Mindy's portrait and choose a title bonus.

I think you are pulling my leg but anyway I checked if 2. Zombie Sex Toy Ending - 1. Work at farm 15 times 2.

Go to 1st dungeon and fulfill green guy's quest to get the Brain 3. When John offers to mate refuse him, I repeat say NO to zombies 4.

Wait days for a cutscene where John is trying to court Mindy 5. Repeat step 4 until you get 2 more cutscenes 6. Raise your stats enough to get the final cutscene 7. You shouldn't be able to give the Blue Mushroom without getting the Blue Mushroom. As far as the farm job goes I think there are 5 endings. Feb 11, 3 0. Thank you for this. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.