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A 4Shared site is maintained for all other files is maintained by the MasterBloodfer user windsongbard and usually has the latest update versions. Basic Pack This is the core game and is a playable version of the game, with a few slaves, assistants and minor slaves. It also contains all the standard events and all the game executables, including a Mac OSX version in this release. If you have not played the game before then download this version and try it out. Assistant Pack This is a pack of additional assistants, fellow slavemakers to aid in supervising your slaves.

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The characters in the game can be broken into 3 : slaves, assistants, and NPCs. Slaves are who you train throughout the game. Assistants are helpers that give you advice and support. NPCs are people that you encounter throughout the game.

Slaves are girls, from various animes and games, who you train through the game. Once you have created your character, you will simply continue to train slaves for the rest of the game.

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Each slave has unique slave maker v3 statsevents, endingsetc. Thus, you can get vastly different playing experiences with different slaves. Each slave can only be trained once. In order to retrain a slave, you will need to start a new game or load a saved game. Playing in sandbox mode, however, removes this restriction. These are ones not yet released but are in development. If development is canceled please delete theiror when they are released move them above with the other slaves released.

This was made so we do not have to wait days after a slave is released for it to have a ready. Minor slaves can be purchased from the Slave Marketexcept for the ones in the Specials column. Sex actions that need other people, such as Gang-Bangcan only be done after you have purchased the necessary minor slaves. Some minor slaves also give other bonuses.

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Assistants are people that help you train your slave. Although they show up during some events, you cannot interact with them i. Some of them have special abilities that affect you, your slaves, or other aspects of the game. For a summary of all assistants' effects, see the Assistant Comparison Chart. When you start training a new slave, you select an assistant. You may also change assistants during training, but only to one of your trained slaves. If you completed a slave's training and got the Bought Back Ending or accepted her Love confession, then your slave can be selected as an assistant when training future slaves.

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Once unlocked, it costs nothing to select them as your assistant and they will continue to be available until you start a new game. You can also hire other slave makers to become your assistants. These assistants cost Gold to hire whenever you train a new slave even if you already hired them ly.

Like the slaves, they can fall in love with you, the Slave Maker.

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If you accept their Lovethey become members of your household, are available to take part in sex acts and can be engaged as Assistants for a lower price. NPCs are characters that you will encounter throughout the game.

Some, like shop keepers, have static locations and will sell you Items or pay you for doing Jobs. However, they're important because you can randomly encounter them during events, such as when you Take a Walkand gain rare Items and stat changes. V3:Characters From Slavemaker Wiki.

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