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Silver Regular Donor. Aug 5, 2, Gambero20 New Member. Feb 20, 7 4. Gambero20 said:.

Kommios Newbie. Aug 31, 91 Tushua said:. This got asked a couple dozen s ago but I didn't see anyone give an answer so I'm asking again. According to the flowchart you can get Blackfire as a Henchwoman but I seem to to have done everything I possibly can with her at this point and she still stays just normal prisoner so what am I missing?

I vaguely remember one of her last conversations having lex tell her he was gonna promote her and give her control of her sister and she says something like she'd think about it but after that nothing else happened. JackHammer Member.

slut bitch Charlotte

May 30, She's not coming back. I tried re-doing her route in the yacht, but still she's not showing Jhann Newbie.

talent biatch Alani

Apr 13, 29 8. Android version, please KaiserST Member. Apr 5, 2, Well I played the bugfix, despite the abnormal delay for it, everything was running smootly and all content was acessable. I found some odd problems with dialogues reseting in the some scenes Chesire Stripand some scenes getting locked in the vault Artemis Dance.

However I must say that yet again, the ability of those who test the game and SR7's to fix it are really questionable sometimes, the bug with the exhibition scene which wasn't that great unfortunally was super obvious.

And the black screens very concerning even if it could be fixed by the player itself. I don't mind the release windows but if thing continue like this they won't matter, with the game being released at the last second possible and still coming with bugs that either hide the new stuff or even break the game itself. They did promise that in the upcoming development the need for bugfix will be reduced, so far it didn't look this will be truth, but We must assess this with calm and see how the next updates roll out.

Being back to 2. Log in or register now. Jhann said:. Reactions: Silito13ohhaiguizeDrackDrap and 6 others.

Carvangar Member. Jul 9, Or is that suppose to be the angle? Reactions: TNTedpunhetas and Danlorn. Oct 1, Need help How do you get to the point where you expand lexcorp to get the offices? Yeah, so Either the first part of the Artemis exhibition scene is still bugged, or Artemis has a pop-off head. Either way, watching a headless corpse get gangbanged isn't really my thing. I would have thought that would have gotten picked up on, seeing as how that was the major bug in the new release.

Reactions: Genji. Sep 5, 2, KaiserST said:. Reactions: anulKaiserSTohhaiguize and 6 others.

May 8, 71 Feb 22, 13 6. Is there anyone having the problem of playing the game with the latest bugfix update? There is always a black screen whenever I try to enter any scenes.

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Sep 12, 7 6. Can someone please help me, the walkthrough talks about creating clones but I have no idea how to get the samples. I made the supergirl clone but the additional ones I havent figured out how to obtin the DNA. LordPalpatine Member. Aug 4, Reactions: Ghostload and KaiserST. Feb 17, 3, 9, Kommios said:.

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You can redo the yacht event by going to Lexcorp offices and resetting the event Edit : Although if your save lo directly to the event, you're probably going to have to playthrough again She ought to show up on your Henchwomen screen in the Villains menu in Defences. SoldMySonForTacos said:. How do you get to the point where you expand lexcorp to get the offices? I assume she suposed to occupy the slot between Cheshire and Mary but that slow is still locked for me and BF is in her cell talking to her gives me "No more yet" and strip, spank, and dance are her only other options.

I've done all of them dozens times hoping it might trigger something but it doesn't.

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Jun 2, Genji Well-Known Member. Dec 1, 2, 2, Apr 30, 3, 12, Genji said:. When you realize their dick much more pleasurable and big as Lex. Lex will lost his harem for sure.

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