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The series premiered on February 28, On July 15,the series was renewed for a seventh season which premiered May 16, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved February 22, Retrieved July 15,

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Nicholas Winter has been dealing with his father Nathaniel Winters estate, the Atlantic Island Park, a haunted amusement park on the Savage Coast, in particular. A third party is interested in the park as well and everybody is out to control the power emanating from it. Ellis Hill is the go to guy for everything that needs fixing. The next problem are radio reception issues. Danny Dufresne is the archetypical adolescent skater boy paranoid geek.

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A lot of things have been happening since the fog moved into town. He had hoped the men in black vans had come to Kingsmouth to help the locals. But it turns out they have very much their own agenda. He might be right. Completing Step 3 will give you an update about the device being active and asking you now to deactivate it. Hint 2 Do so by repeating step 3, then step 2. A recommendation for this tier: If there are multiple people trying to solve this mission at once, group up, or make at least sure, that only one player operate the attractor at a time. When the fog arrived she heard the voice calling her to the sea, but she was tied to the bed in handcuffs.

Reverend Henry Hawthorne claims to be a hobbyist member of the Illuminati, if there is such a thing. He has done research on the internet and found secret codes leading him to message boards, hidden from Google. He asks you to follow the s of the Illuminati and to decipher the Kingsmouth code. God bless the internet. Knowledge is power, especially with Google on your side. Spoilers are in orange on orange print, highlight with your cursor to read them.

It made me pause a couple of times and lead to a good deal of head scratching.

Tier 2: find information about the murder case

The Secret World has a built in browser and they expect you to use it, even to look up their puzzles directly, or just to research some of the riddles. Norma Creed has seen plenty of strange things these days as well as in the past. She recalls a series of murders in Kingsmouth a few years back in It looked like ravens were involved in it.

Five steps will solve the mystery:. And this sets the atmosphere of the secret world. Not until now, not in this form and not that many of them.

I could have left the Kingsmouth area for the next zone a good while ago, but those investigations will keep me here. A Guide and Directory to Online Worlds. Home » Posts Tagged " Walkthrough". Tier 1. Nicholas Winter was heartless and calculating and his obsession with the park was for a reason, just like his decision to leave the park to his son.

Hint 1 The will is in the car on the seat next to the deceased driver. Nicholas Winter is the sole heir. However, the quest will not be updated by just reading the will.

There you will learn more about the park and the next step. Hint 1 Use the monocle on the plans you just found.

Follow the symbols and search thoroughly along the path. Hint 3 A bit further along, at the Ferris Wheel, you will find a red lens in the middle of some shards. But the red lens looks just like your monocle.

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Insert it into the monocle, using the assembly window Y. Now look at the plans again: Red Symbols will lead you to the next piece of the plan. Hint 3 Not far from here, among the stands, are again shards right in front of a vending machine. Hint 1 The map is again a standard map. Lets pop in the blue lens. But you need to remove the red lens first, using the disassemble slot.

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Now the plans reveal another symbol, which you can follow. But red and blue makes purple. Build a monocle with a purple lens. Hint 2 The last piece of the plan le us to a shed in the center of the park. Assemble the plan by clicking on a purple symbol on one side of the shed.

The full circuit is drawn upon the wall. Hint 3 To overload the circuit, you need to click in order on the electronic parts that make up the diagram.

Tier 1:find more information about the murders

Start with the AC voltage source and then work your way around the drawing counter clockwise Resistor, Diode, Inductor. A cut scene will show the Phoenicians moving in and getting killed by a purple energy storm, which brings the park finally into a more peaceful state. All logos, images and names are intellectual properties of Funcom GmBH unless otherwise noted.

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This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Funcom GmbH. But it really looks like he wants you to keep away from it. Go and investigate the mast.

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Manticore Hint Source the components to repair the mast: Two hangars are in a marked area just a bit further down. My money is on the wire hanger.

Hint Just click on the mast and it will play a video with a morse code transmission. If you want to solve it yourself, record the transmission and slow it down with your favorite audio tool. Everybody ought to have one. Then use google to find a morse alphabet. Hint 2 Or look here: drop location Which are map coordinates. Hint It contains a bulky monster you need to kill.

Or be killed. The men made a suspicious arrival in black vans. Search the van parked north of the skate park. Hint Not much of a spoiler here. Hint 1 The password hint on the laptop is: My wife.

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Hint 2 The batch has a web address on it. A wrong address.

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Not orochigroup. Use it and let the pulse guide you to the Occult Attractor. Disassemble in reverse order to avoid etheric spikes and possible unwanted attention. Her first vision says: On the tip of the pyramid, your path shall be revealed. Hint Look at the SE sector of your map.

Hint You did pass a small swarm of bees when you entered the zone. Hint Have you seen the local graveyard, yet? In case you forgot, the graveyard is right behind the church. Hint There are a few clues around for this location plus some historic knowledge: The condemned of the time were often hanged from bridges. Should you have crossed that bridge while dead, you would have seen some condemned hanging there, as well as a spooking ghost. Spoilers are in orange on orange print, highlight with your cursor to read them Tier 1.

Hint Not to many locations of power in this small town. Try City Hall. There are pictures on the wall, one of them the navigator. Most of them will send you to pretty obvious places within town, like the gas station or the fire station. There is an inscription that talks about time, Kings and God. Check the clock above the doorway.

Hint 1 During the cut scene for this mission, Solomon Priest was mentioned. Hint 2 The keycode comes from the book of Kingstalents of gold…. Hint 3 Enter the basement and use the computer. The password is the Illuminati motto: Lux Omnia Vincit.