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Imagined Leviathans art director Richard Tongeman revealed the change in a viral tweet Wednesday evening. A Steam announcement post from Dec. However, the Steam system provides a direct and accessible way to find new games without sorting through a wide assortment of unrelated tags. I'm seeing some people asking why these matter as they are historically not well curated.

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There is no tag for male protagonists, why is there one for female ones? Why do games like for example Skyrim don't say "unisex protagonist" or 'protagonists of both genders".

I'm not trying to say this is sexism or whatever, I just think it's silly. TLDR: People rage about gender equality then label out female protagonists but not male ones. I'm aware, but it's surprising how I seem to see it on every game with a woman as the main character. Traditionally, throughout video game history, the main character is usually a guy with guns, skills, and an agenda.

But recently there has been a rise in popularity of female protagonists for two main reasons: 1. The female characters are usually young, hot, scantily clad, and nice to stare at during game play.

Steam criticized after pulling lgbtq+ and female protagonist

Female gamers are increasing every day and they like to have a strong, independent character to relate to. There is no reason to have a male protagonist tag, since that is usually the default assumption with most games.

Why is there a female protagonist steam tag? Serious question.

Posted by 7 years ago. Why should I give a damn which sex the character I play is? Sort by: best.

Continue this thread. Holy shit how many times can this stupid thread pop up? More posts from the Steam community.

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