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If you were looking for the hint word for Sharks Lagoon Stool Pigeon, you came to the right place. This is the latest game on their website and it presents the adventures of the 2 beautiful cops — Amanda and Samantha. The game has some really nice graphics and also a lot of exciting scenes. Comparing to others games of Shark, this one is not that difficult.

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Welcome to the with the answer to the clue Stool pigeon. This is just one of the 7 puzzles found on this level.

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You can make another search to find the answers to the other puzzles, or just go to the home of 7 Little Words daily puzzles and then select the date and the puzzle in which you are blocked on. Stool Pigeon is a fun, tactical cutthroat card game where you work to eliminate your mafia family from the inside and make life harder for your rivals by adding to their mafia families. When a stool pigeon walked in and said uh, 'That's the man' Framed, I was framed I never do nothin' wrong, but I always get blamed, framed The prosecutin' attorney started a-prosecutin' me Man that cat give me the third degree He said 'Where were you on the night of June 29?

Pigeon shooting games for free. This time they are on a mission to catch the bad guys Freddy and Aldoand they also have to go past Eugene the actor, who plays the role of the dead gangsta — Rocco Malone.

Stool pigeon game hint word

Thanks to our readers, we finally managed to discover the secret word and you can find it here: Stool Pigeon Hint Word. The first part of the game begins with a lot of dialogue and a quick naughty scene where you will get to meet two of the girls that are working for Freddy and Aldo.

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Then you get to meet the most beautiful of them all, the one who is in charge of the female staff — Mylene. She puts a chemical substance in his champagne and if you drink it, you will end up losing the game.

What you need to do is click on the bottle of whisky in the lower left side of the screen. After doing this you will get to enjoy a wonderful scene with the beautiful Mylene, and also see the two cops Amanda and Samantha playing with each other. Then they go to get hired at the company of Rocco and they go through a really nice interview with Mylene. You can read the walkthrough for Part 2 at this link. Silver Markers represent people your girls can interact with.

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Some locations are only accessible during specific periods of the day, for example most of the rooms of the school are closed after for pm. It is a good idea to choose a girl as queen who has comparatively good skills in popularity and rebellion from the beginning on, because the game gambit appears later on in the game, so you can improve your savvy skills until then or recruit a girl who is good at that. The game 'Fib' that is related to your glamour abilities depends more on luck than the other games and is not that important in the beginning as Exposing and Taunting.

Nonetheless the glamour skill is of great importance to be successful in the fib-game. Stool pigeon hint word are four games which are the base of your success. They are related to the four skills every girls has and the four symbols: Hearts represent the popularity of a girl and they are important for the taunting game. Spades represent the rebellion skill of a girl, which is important for exposing.

Diamonds represent the glamour of a girl, which is connected to the fibbing-game. There are four areas your can access during the game, the high school, downtown, the dells and the outskirts. You can reach the first three areas through the road s while the outskirts are only reachable by the trolley. Every time a girl wins a game she earns a symbol you can see under her profile.

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When she the queen has collected five or one of her henches has collected three of these symbols she can boost one of her skills. When your girls want to pow-wow push the pow-wow-button as soon as possible, because these conversations are always important for the plot. When the game proceeds it is advisable that every girl has at least average skills for each game. Let the girls play alternately so that all of them can boost their skills regularly and for that you have no weak member in your gang.

You can hook a boyfriend by flirting with him. The flirting takes at least five turns and the boy will present from one through to three tokens each turn. To answer his flirt you have to select your own tokens, better to say the token with the symbol he expects. To hook him you have to answer his flirts every turn successfully. There is always a pattern, better to say a connection between the tokens the boy presents to you and which tokens he expects from you in return.

Stool pigeon 2

The patterns get the more complicated the further you proceed in the game and when it comes to flirting is is very important to save the game beforehand, so that you can learn the pattern by the trial-and-error-method. Taunting: This game is a duel with words. Play taunting as often as possible in rather harmless situations to learn as many taunts and the right retorts as possible. Exposing: This game is a word riddle.

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You have to expose one or more sentences that the other person wants to hide from you. Every word is covered by one of the four symbols, heart, diamonds, clubs and spades. You can reveal as many words as you have according symbols. If you run out of symbols you have to guess the remaining covered words. You have won the game as soon as all the words are revealed.

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Exposing is the only game where luck does not play any role and all four skills are of importance. The level of each skill is on par with the tokens you have to discover words. If you run out of either Club- Diamond- or Heart-tokens the remaining symbols which cover words change into Spades, which is why the rebellion skill is of great importance in this game. Fibbing: Glamour is the important skill to be good at this game. Both you and your opponent have five tokens on your hands. Your aim is to get a better combination of symbols than your opponent. You have definitely won the game when you get five of a kind, for example five clubs.

This is the best possible combination and your opponent wont be able to outbid this.

Stool pigeon 1

However you will get this combination only rarely. Your glamour level dictates the of token you can flip. Most of the times you will start with one or more empty token and then you have to flip those tokens you do not need to get a specific combination. One example: You start with two clubs, one heart and two empty tokens. Then it is a good idea to flip all tokens except for the two clubs.

After flipping but you also have the possibility to not flip at all if you are content with your actual tokens you have to make your bid, but you always can fib. However your opponent can 'call' if he does not believe you. When he calls and you lied, you will lose the game.

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So there are two options to win this game, either outbid your opponent or find out he is lying. Gambit: You will be taught this game later on in the game by Florence. The level of the savvy skill of the girl who is playing and the opposite talent of that one the opponent is using for that encounter will constitute her two tokens.

You can put these tokens on two of the three different fields, the brazen, the smooth and the devious field. After you get the Glimmer Scope this game will get much easier and you will even be able to defeat people with much higher talents than your girls. Before you get the Glimmer Scope you have to assume which tactic your opponent might take, better to say which tactic resembles his character. If he seems devious it is very probable that he will put his highest token on the devious field.

Your own tactic always should depend on the probable tactic of your opponent, try to avoid guessing.

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If your opponent plays brazen, lay your highest token on the devious field and the other one on the brazen field. If your opponent plays smooth, lay your highest token on the brazen field and the other one on the smooth field. If your opponent plays devious, lay your highest token on the devious field and the other one on the smooth field. THE GIRLS 1 Alma: good at glamour, weak at popularity 2 Charlotte: good at popularity, weak at glamour 3 Clara: good at popularity, weak at rebellion 4 Eleanor: good at rebellion and savvy, weak at glamour 5 Emma: good at glamour, weak at savvy 6 Jessie: good at popularity and savvy, weak at rebellion 7 Louise: good at rebellion, weak at popularity 8 Lucille: good at savvy, weak at rebellion 9 Mamie: good at popularity and savvy, weak at glamour 10 Mildred: good at rebellion and savvy, weak at popularity 11 Myrtle: good at rebellion, weak at glamour 12 Viola: good at rebellion and glamour, weak at savvy.

Stool pigeon game solution

The best choice for the queen is Viola, because her weak point in the beginning is savvy, which will become important later on and she has two skills where is good at. But Eleanor and Myrtle are good queens. Definitely avoid to choose a queen who is weak at rebellion. You can find them all around the school area. When you have recruited the first girl your next task will be to find 'Stoolie Girl'. You will find her in the gymnasium and have to taunt her.

She tells you that she will blackmail nurse — what that means you fill get to know by recruting another girl.

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If you can deal with her successfully again the girl will finally your gang. The third and last member you can find at. After you have beaten her in a certain game you will be directly confronted with Bully Girl. You will have to play a game with her and then your first task will be completed. The new maintenance man: This task will lead you to the patio where you are going to meet Liar Girl.