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Apr 9, 1 0. I just hope we can get mc's mom and sister from that asshole soon, hate how they're trapped and we can't do anything about it yet. Dec 2, I've just finished Act 1 then realize that this game just ve been started.

The gift reloaded

It's an emergency situation and MC just go around doing gym and shopping?? Reactions: X0R and jish May 14, Reactions: h4xoorX0RMormont and 6 others. Warcry25 Newbie. Feb 11, 43 Game Developer. May 28, 4, 14, It has been confirmed that we will rescue both in v.

Reactions: Mormont and Canto Forte.

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Mormont Devoted Member. Nov 30, 11, 52, Eerie Entity said:. That's great news, at least that won't be dragged out any further and we don't need to worry about some bad shit happening to them as in Mindlos getting his freak on on them. Reactions: Eerie Entity.

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Evangelion Devoted Member. Apr 12, 6, 4, Mormont said:. Hopefully, we take the bogus doctor with us her name escapes me she is pretty much as responsible time to make her into our personal slave. Evangelion said:. Question is wether or not we are capable of undoing Mindlos Mind Control Reactions: Canto Forte. Feb 8, Haast Active Member. Mar 19, Miranda was the Dr from memory, and Donna the slave i think her name didnt appear for long, almost like Mindlos was wanting her to forget she was a person.

And yeah, we can break his power due to our secondary power, and Victoria's power helps too, he cant break ours, but his control on Samantha wasnt as strong.

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So im guessing they would be a little harder, but he just tries to break, he didnt bend them so mc would need to take it slow. But he has done it before.

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Reactions: Haast and Canto Forte. Did we now?

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There is no indication that it was Mindlos himself that controlled Samantha He isn't the guy to make his hands dirty with the minor work Reactions: EvangelionHaast and Canto Forte. I really wanna save the lasses. Reactions: JJsworld and Canto Forte. Reactions: vmaks and Canto Forte.

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Mar 10, 16 4. Zintas said:. Reactions: JJsworld.

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Reactions: Mormont. Just a post about Lewd Island, who knows maybe we will get it over the weekend I'm dying to play this update. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.