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It's absolutely pointless! I have been in it for about months now, and am regretting the money and time I have wasted. The time would have been better spent sleeping. All therapist do are throw your words around to make the situation seem more hopeful and utter plattitudes. They fuck with your mind for an hour, then you leave, process it, and realize that the guy you have been talking to is really a monkey doing his job who doesn't give a shit about you.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Monthwhich makes this an excellent time to talk more about our beautiful broken brains!

Fuck therapy!

Because I am an honest chap, I feel compelled to stress that we did not plan this in advance. We are not nearly organized enough to do that. It was purely coincidental. My regs right now are Where Should We Begin? It goes something like this:. All things being equal, most people would probably benefit from therapy. I have no doubt that the net benefit of professional mental healthcare is incalculably vast. But it pains me to see therapy described as a one-size-fits-all solution for every person in every situation.

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Therapy cannot be successful if the person getting therapy has the wrong impression about what it consists of, and what it requires of them. Mental therapy is just like physical therapy. It requires work. No, seriously, like a lot of fucking work. It requires you to challenge yourself and change your behavior. You may be tasked to read books, follow workbooks, keep a journal, document your thoughts and behavior, change habits around exercise, sleep, and diet….

Fuck sex: a radical way to do sex therapy

You may even be shocked at what most needs work. Maybe you go in ready to talk about job stress, but therapy le you to revelations about your family, or your relationship. And surprise: you may feel worse before you feel better. Your therapist is a facilitator, not a magician. There are people out there who misuse therapy as a tool to curate their story and validate their current actions.

Incidentally, therapy can make sociopaths and psychopaths more powerful by teaching them better mimicry of emotions! Who knew? Some people are unable to work on themselves.

Illnesses like depression rob you of the spoons needed to invest in mental health treatments. I have to ration the energy I need to shower.

Stop recommending therapy like it’s a magic bean that’ll grow me a beanstalk to neurotypicaltown

Rather, I feel weak and pathetic when I am depressed. Important distinction!

Students, night workers, and working class people with irregular shifts may find it hard to maintain momentum and a good relationship with their chosen healthcare provider through frequent rescheduling and cancellations. Therapy is of great potential help to stressed, burnt-out caregivers. But caregivers may feel compelled to spend the little time and money they have on counseling for their dependents, rather than themselves.

Women feel this pain in particular. This cultural norm is so deeply ingrained that even same-sex couples mimic it.

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They cannot afford to address their illness because all the spinning plates may come crashing down. As one practitioner puts it:. It is a symptom. Sometimes, it therapy fuck be as simple as giving them permission to do so. Not all partners or employersor parentsor friendsor even medical professionals validate the existence of invisible mental illnesses and the importance of their treatment. The success of therapy often depends on finding a skilled healthcare provider with whom you click.

But finding a great therapist can feel like trying to find a mate. They have to be affordable, close by, take your insurance, work with your schedule, understand your situation, have at least some overlapping values, and be scrupulously ethical. Opening up to someone is fucking draining. And there are lots of different kinds of therapy! Anything that can heal you can also damage you.

The wrong kind of therapy with the wrong kind of therapist can fuck. The first mental healthcare provider I ever went to betrayed me in basically the worst way a mental healthcare provider can betray a patient. I wasand I disclosed sexual abuse. She was a mandatory reporter, and she did not report. The result was that I therapy fuck a few more months living in the same house as my rapist, and suffered a pretttttttty respectable mental breakdown in complete isolation before striking out on my own at seventeen. Therapists are people. They have training and knowledge, but they also have weaknesses, biases, lapses, and gaps in experience.

Your mileage may vary. Counseling and therapy can be really freaking hard to access in rural areas. There may only be one person or one clinic that honors your insurance—or you may have to set aside half a day to drive to the closest urban center.

Tough shit. See my wretched anecdote above.

She believed that forgiveness was the highest form of healing. I disagreed; instead, I was really jonesing for that physical and psychological safety stuff. Even though I was a kid, I knew this lady was not going to be the right person to help me. But when you live in the cornfields, you may not have any other choice. The Atlantic did an amazing deep dive into this topic, read it here.

There is a serious shortage of mental healthcare professionals across the United States. Fewer and fewer people are interested in pursuing the field of mental healthcare. One of the main reasons? Insurance reimbursements are slow, burdensome, and incomplete, leading many therapists to only accept new clients on a cash-only basis. Healthcare is expensive. That includes mental healthcare. Related: Bad With Money just had a great episode on medical crowdfunding.

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This is not to say that mental healthcare is some kind of optional or frivolous expense. For all my handwringing, there is no way to quantify the of lives improved or outright saved by counseling, therapy, psychology, and psychiatry. It is an invaluable tool. Yeah, Goosey once looked for low-cost help after a major traumatic event. These kinds of lists come with the best intentions, and aspects of them are totally worth trying. People who are cash-strapped are almost always time- and energy-strapped as well.

You want me to run a marathon, too? For people who have mental health issues that manifest through low energy like depression! I am too afraid to fail. Knowing I could call someone to ask for help feels like having a safety net. I would never intentionally leap into that safety net to test it.

Because what would I do if it failed? How could I survive if I thought that I knew, for certain, that no one could help me? How would I cope if a suicide hotline hung up on me? I am as my life experiences have therapy fuck me.

I am thrilled to report the vacuum of practical alternative advice is slowly being recognized and filled.