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Of course, it was a problem with the latest ed build, a new one with many bugs squished is about to be re-ed. Very strange. Which browser are you on?

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New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. First Prev of Go to. Lucratio Member. Nov 2, Can Mermaid Princess be visited now in this update? Medriphon Newbie.

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Oct 2, 29 SugoiDesuNe said:. Is there a reason why this game is lagging so much? I can play Days Gone on ultra with 60fps, but it feels like this game is bringing my pc on its knees. Overworld lags, menu lags and even indoors it lags.

Makes the game sadly unplayable. Adachithepersona4 Member. Dec 11, The patreon has really been booming. Hopefully they reach the goal if more people promote the game.

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Rexaureus Newbie. Oct 21, 47 Adachithepersona4 said:. Aug 15, Sep 22, Hopefully they can make a different game now!

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To be fair the current one is such a lousy mess with the engine. Towerfag already has another game it's called Down The Neko Hole. And It doesn't really seem any better.

Towerfag and his team

Reactions: NullD Just reading through a lot of the Gats, Tower fag and so forth dialogue and sitting here in the present really sheds light on what could have been. Seeing as how it was an idea before this game came into existence but just wanted to capitalize on an IP and really just push around the weight of where the money was, I don't really have any sympathy for TG or TFag.

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As an idea in the original posts beforehand when they were just a concept, it was a clear cut thing that the princesses were a collectors item and not a 'all you can get fucked' buffet. Without getting into the specifics or petty arguments, it's funny to see it stagnating and wallowing in the shallows of mediocrity all these years later.

It still runs like ass and hasn't switched to a newer, better engine like unity to handle it either. Am I missing anything? I'm sure the patreon voters are happy with the way it is and if I were still making money off this I would be too, but quantity over quality I guess. It's not like there was any content locked behind that single feature.

Reactions: Agent Abide and NullD New Beta build: You must be registered to see the links.

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Spoiler: Changelog You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. AZUL Newbie. Dec 1, 19 2.

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Princessuu Kennii-Chan New Member. Jun 20, 1 0.

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I've been playing this game for a while and I have very much enjoyed it, but I am curious: is it possible to develop a cheat or something to allow for route-locked princesses to you outside of that route? I'm a bit of a completionist, and while having the Cinder Ribbons can give me some trophy, it isn't nearly as satisfying as the thought of every single recruitable princess in one room. May 23, 95 Princessuu Kennii-Chan said:. Reactions: masterdragonson.

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AZUL said:. Lucratio said:. Jan 21, 14 4. Merrill said:.

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Full saves don't exist in this game, you have to use the gallery unlock cheat linked in the OP. Reactions: masMalkar. Last edited: Jul 3, I believe that she has been accessable for quite a while now. Reactions: trilosis. Nice, thx for the answer.

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I last played the "Frosty" Version and there the mermaid princess was not accessible only in a beta build. Was testing to get to her in the newest version but havent found a way hence my question. Last edited: Jul 4, Sep 9, 3 0. BurntJuice New Member.

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May 6, 9 2. Is it possible to have sex with the prince forms yet or still locked to just the gallery?

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