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Whenever your character has sex with an infected individual there is a small chance they gain the hidden status Undetected "SSTD". After a while this then becomes a visible status informing the character of which SSTD they have. For 10, credits Dr.

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Trials in tainted space tips Trials in tainted space quinn pregnancy Trials in tainted space how to get rid of eggs Trials in tainted space velta Trials in tainted space nursery upgrades Trials in tainted space canadia station Trials in tainted space incubation Ilaria tainted space Trials in tainted space tips Azra is a Suula hermaphrodite, and Freelance Xenobiologist who was left stranded and penniless on Tavros after being held up in customs with an impatient captain she hired deciding to leave with her credits.

Azra is a 9' chimeric suula, with all the racial traits that entails. A short-muzzled face with hints of shark-like structure and a mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth. However, a crown of glimmering, burnished orange hair hints at typically mammalian traits, and her pointed ears seem almost elfin with a hint of aquatic frill. Tiny, interlocking rich gold scales serve as her skin, shimmering softly under any light. She covers up most of her form with a restricting suit of armor, but not even the padded chestplate can conceal her soccerball-sized breasts.

The ass she carries behind them is sized to match, only partially hidden by the lengthy, finned tail of a suula as it sways behind her.

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The crotch of her armor bulges with something more than a purely feminine slit. Azra is a responsible single mom who successfully keeps her enhanced libido in check with sheer force of will. She has an apartment on the residential deck where her daughters presently live.

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Her stud was killed when pirates ambushed the ship he was on. Azra requests to your crew to which the player can accept, postpone, or completely deny the offer. After completing her first quest Steele can interact with her Plant Samples for various scenes, with subsequent quests unlocking more. Azra requests your assistance with gathering samples on Mhen'gaTarkusand Myrellion. Azra and Steele head into the jungle to collect Fuck Lillies. There they encounter the Naleen Brothers and a Nine-tailed Zil. Collecting all three samples successfully will unlock Azra's shower sex scenes if they were hugged before.

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Azra Azra's bust, by Adjatha. menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

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Main Recent changes Random Help. This was last modified on 8 Aprilat Azra's bust, by Adjatha. Trials in tainted space quinn pregnancy She is in a near constants state of heat and will desperately seek out and fuck anything that moves. The glowing hydra is big for a zaika, reaching nearly seven feet tall. Huge, fluffy pigtails frame her head with vibrant colors.

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The large, circular glasses perched on the brim of her nose are fogged over, blocking your view of her eyes. Her purple-black skin is bisected by stylish glowing tattoo lines that make her look like a rave girl. Her clothing is skimpy and brightly colored, while a variety of bracelets and rings deck her arms and ears. Both footlong tips are turgid and spurting lustrous blue-white jizz despite all her efforts to stop the leak. Indicate any unusual interactions of note that fall outside of the standard fare Vendor, Chat, Sex, Quests.

Provide a short summary of the quest and what it entails, then link to a separate to detail the quest itself. Zaika Hydra Zaika Hydra's bust by Adjatha. This was last modified on 13 Augustat Zaika Hydra's bust by Adjatha. Trials in tainted space how to get rid of eggs Whenever your character has sex with an infected individual there is a small chance they gain the hidden status Undetected "SSTD".

After a while this then becomes a visible status informing the character of which SSTD they have.

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For 10, credits Dr. Lash can provide an immunity to SSTDs. Only known method of lowering Taint is not inducing more Taint- it will go down by 1 point every 72 hours that more taint is not gained. Taint is tied closely to Libido of taint points resulting in the minimum of Libido. Furpies is not a naturally occurring disease. She initially infected a small group of not-so-willing volunteers on [REDACTED], but it was not identified for six more months thanks to its insidious de. This strange disease was carefully engineered to appear asymptomatic in most of its hosts.

Thousands were infected before the first symptoms were identified, and millions more had this pernicious plague before the scientific community could even begin to pin down its unnatural biology. It spread like wildfire through the core for nearly two years before countermeasures were devised. Hundreds of billions had been infected, with billions more ready to fall victim to it with the coming of the rush.

Furpies is an ongoing public health crisis on the frontier, though many core planets have succeeded in wiping it out at great cost.

Furpies why have you forsaken me!?

The ausar in particular stamped it out quite quickly. Furpies is transmitted through almost any bodily fluid, including saliva, semen, blood, vaginal secretions, anal secretions, milk, and similar protein-based secretions. Genderless beings as well as those with full-body fur are curiously immune to infection, though almost any other species can fall prey to its terrifying effects.

It is even known to bypass most commercial immune system enhancements. As always, the Galactic Health Ministry recommends abstaining from sex with unfamiliar partners or usage of prophylactic devices to prevent the spread of disease and minimize mess!

In most hosts, Furpies lies dormant, transforming its infected host into an inadvertent seeder. A biological clock built into the virus itself will count down over five to ten years, then switch Furpies to an active state. If strong steps to eradicate Furpies are not taken, the galaxy may become a lot furrier in the years to come, something some species would welcome with open arms - and others would violently protest. The U. She is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

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Created by Dr. Badger to be spread extensively. Virtually eliminated in the core, absolutely rampant on new rush worlds. Trials in tainted space velta Trials in Tainted Space 's gameplay is not immune to exploitation. There are various features the player can access, intentional or otherwise, to gain a desired advantage in the game. Most of these exploits may have been left in the game during various points of development and are subject to change if and while the game is in development. This will only list cheats that are acknowledged by the developers themselves and are approved for public release.

The cheats listed will only be ones that are attainable in-game, during play. For out-of-game game-editing references, try the save editing. The game has various cheat codes that can be inputted by the player. This can be done in two ways:.

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This information is a bit outdated, so some codes may not work in current versions. Try at your own risk. This is a list of exploitable events, items, or characters that the player can use to Captain Steele 's advantage. While this is primarily used for reference, do note that, as a player, you are responsible for your actions in the game--this includes using cheats and exploits. It is highly advised to make a save before attempting any of the following cheats.

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Always remember to keep a backup copy of your original, unaltered, save file! The state of either being pre or post bimbofication. For the player: Whether or not the silicone tank is installed in the player's ship. Nym-Foe : Options for Nym-Foe 's combat: The state of being broken, fixed, fixed and hostile, or not yet encountered. The distribution of silicone between the player's breasts, butt, hips, and lips during a successful injection attack.

Whether Nym-Foe 's "Bouncy! The ability to add or subtract Nym-Foe 's starting lust between 0 andand the ability to reset back to For the player: Add a Nym-Foe Dakimakura to the player's inventory. Toggle whether or not the player has the Implant-tastic Perk. Doll Maker : Options for Doll Maker 's combat: The state of being disassembled, met and non-hostile, activated and hostile, or not yet encountered.

Whether Doll Maker 's attack pattern will consist of its full moveset, only stat-effecting tools if not applicable, choosing Bio-Magnetic Vibes insteador only with its Bio-Magnetic Vibes. How many points each of the stat-effecting tools in Doll Maker's moveset will subtract, being able to be set from 1 to 50 and reset to 5.

Whether or not the player starts the fight already cuffed. For the player: Toggle whether or not the player has the True Doll Perk. Trials in tainted space nursery upgrades Thyvara Rosanvond is a matisar hunter who was left behind after a hunt.