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Youtube video is not played because cookies were not accepted. To change your cookie settings. MINI is - and has always been - an urban brand. Started as a response to the first gasoline crisis in the late 's in London, our small footprint, creative use of space, and innovative de and engineering are the foundations of an iconic brand.

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Topic locked. It's been some years I've been working on this adult game and over the years I have continued to make progress in the quality of my drawings as well as in programming although I'm still not fully satisfied. In this game you can choose your character everyday to play as a brat or as a highschool chick. Each character his own daily program and can go to different places and met different people have different experiences. Some events are determined by the day or the story and sometimes randomly.

The story takes place for a whole year. During this year our heroes will have to solve puzzles in order to survive. The game is based solely on this and doesn't have combat system, except of card games.

Urban x life by wootch

You'll meet a lot of characters with which you'll be able to have some fun. An affinity system will dig these relationships and unlock new animated sequences.

All adult scenes are animated. Last edited by wootch on Mon Jan 04, pm, edited 17 times in total. Thanks for pointing this out!

It looks quite cool. Contact the moderating team!

Can't wait till the demo comes out. Thanks for reply. Looks like an interesting project you have here.

I wanted to view the development blog, but it says it's open to invited readers only. Mind sharing it with me? If not it's okay. Hello there.

Don't hesitate to share what you think about the features i'm working on. I still looking on some events anyone would like to see in this game more particulary for the girls.

Porn game: wootch - urban xlife ver

So if you had or dream about any "hot" situation in your life, your welcome to share. Just saw the teaser vid in youtube Take your time and make it goood!!!

I try not to get excited about anything that sounds to me to be too good to be true. But I don't know I can avoid it this time.

Porn game: wootch - urban xlife ver

Curse you wootch cuuurse yooou to working on this game until it's done! That'll teach you. It'd be even better if there was bestiality! Though, the screenshots don't speak well of the writing, I must say. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but the writing could make the difference between loving it and hating it with unrelenting fury.

Good luck!

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Re: Urban xLife - VXace by Raio10 » Sat Jan 26, pm looks pretty good will have to wait to give a better view when a demo comes out but after watching the teaser on youtube i cannot wait for this. Feel the power of the AwesomeDragonDude! You feeling it yet? Well, your internet sucks then.

Urban xlife [] [rpg] [uncen] [eng] h-game

Or you suck. Or perhaps both. Probably both. I'm dutch myself, so translating it shouldn't be a problem.

Urban xlife [] [rpg] [uncen] [eng] h-game

I really gotta try this! Re: Urban xLife - VXace by wootch » Sun Jan 27, pm Thank you for all your encouragement Thank you also for the proposed translations, I'd do a specific post on the blog of the development of methods possible when I'll release the first demo of the game I don't put all the information from the UxL blog in this forum but i also check this forum if you have any suggestions or questions.

In this regard, I finally decided to release a demo soon as the first district is over, time to integrate all game systems to avoid having to make changes to the script later and thus avoid backup corruption among different version of the game I currently finished the tournament motorcycle racing and after that i'll finished the first main story arc.