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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 7 guests. The Photographer by Chaotic Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply. Only ran into one really bad one and was able to fix that with a quick edit to a file name.

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However I'm sure there are several more endings that I still need to get to. Only reached three so far.

I wonder why I expected anything different. By the way, im not a programmer, so i check the work needed to do oneso i appreciate the effort he give for me to get a new game to play with. If you don't feel like editing the HTML there's a link to the files I modified while creating the walkthrough mainly because of spelling errors; I only found half a dozen broken links but I neglected to note which files they were in. Edit: I see that Chaotic has ed a corrected version of the game, so you may be okay without the modified files.

Edit 2: In fact, by the look of it he's added a lot of content that was missing from the first release, so ignore everything I've just said. Edit 3: Walkthrough updated. It was a lot easier than I thought, since the additional sex scenes are carbon copies of each other right down to the typos. And no, you can't do anything with Kat. Last edited by ExLibris on Tue, 11Nov15edited 1 time in total.

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Re: The Photographer by Chaotic by Bigmanbishop » Tue, 11Nov15 For anyone that is interested the new mostly un-bugged version is up. You can now talk to certain girls at the party that you couldn't talk to before. I just have one question is it not possible to do anything with Kat? Theoretically that should reduce the of errors, since it eliminates the clunky system of check files he was using to test variables, but as we've seen that's not always the case.

I personally thought The Photographer was better than Rachel 2 mainly because the gameplay at least made some kind of sensebut it was always going to struggle to be a truly enjoyable game because there were too many NPCs. Dating games provide a very limited canvas for characterisation.

There's typically enough for one NPC, but when the game includes multiple love interests the share of the spotlight each gets becomes less and less. With 14 NPCs the level of characterisation each gets is going to be pretty perfunctory, even if the game is twice normal size. The depressing thing is that Serge proves that there were people happy to test the game.

If Chaotic had just handed it off to them and waited until it had been tested to release it, the tone of this thread would probably be much more positive. Re: The Photographer by Chaotic by blaman » Tue, 11Nov15 jfrancois I appreciate his work and I'm sure the others do it as well.

It's not about his work that we complain We are complaining because instead of making proper testing, he releases games that are broken and need a few extra days to be patched up. If you look in this thread Serge and ExLibris provide fixes to the broken files almost immediately. Why did he deny help offered by Tlaero?

You must agree that if he were to agree for proper testing, then the released games would be a lot, a lot better. Nowadays most of the people look at the games thinking "meh, is it patched already? And that's the problem He used to release truly good games where only a few files would be broken.

He's done it in the past and there's nothing wrong with it. If he is unsatisfied with quality - he can and should delay the game until he finds it satisfying. But if he delays a game to focus on removing bugs and releases something that is a mess, then something has obviously gone really wrong. I think it should go the other way. If he were to release free games only, then bugs would be easier to accept. But since he is releasing paid games - they should be tested, polished and perfected.

That's what he gets money from, at least in theory As I've said countless times - I, as a developer, do not want to just criticize, I want to give a constructive opinion. I make games myself and I've read literally thousands of reviews of my game, some really really harsh. But I always tried to find why someone had a problem with the game and tried to respond to those arguments by making the games better. It's all up to Chaotic - if he is truely interested in user feedback then he will swallow that pill and learn from it.