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When you're not feeling well or have an injury, your doctor may need to take a closer look at the inside of your body. To do this, a radiologic technologist may perform an imaging exam such as an x-ray, CT, MRI or ultrasound that uses a special camera to take pictures of things inside you like your bones, organs and muscles.

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By Curiosity Zone July 3, X-rays use small amounts of electromagnetic radiation to help doctors and veterinarians see inside their patients. This technology -- one of the most important advances in medical history -- was discovered entirely by accident by German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen. While doing an experiment with cathode rays and glass, he became curious about the glow coming from a nearby chemically-coated screen.

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When he investigated, he ultimately discovered that he could see the bones through his own skin. He was awarded the first Nobel Prize in physics in for making this remarkable discovery. X-rays are much like light rays, except their shorter wavelength and higher energy allows them to pass through some objects, such as skin. X-rays do not, however, pass through bone and other higher density objects.

This allows scientists to form images of things otherwise hidden under the skin. Locate and print online pictures of x-rays and the object being x-rayed. Be sure the images are permitted to be used for educational purposes. You can use large images for younger children, or a larger variety of smaller images to make the game more challenging for older .

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Challenge kids to match the x-rays to the objects being x-rayed. You must be logged in to post a comment. In this science activity, kids will create and play an x-ray matching game.

Materials Supplies: x-rays picture of objects that match the x-rays Optional: laminator laminating sheets Create shopping list. Instructions Locate and print online pictures of x-rays and the object being x-rayed.

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Extensions: Tape images to an old deck of cards and create a memory match game. Cut x-rays into pieces and create puzzles. You may also like.

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