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If you die before looting your belongings from your former zombie self, your weapons and items will respawn in ly visited areas. Scan the CCTV junction boxes, and you can use the safe house computer to investigate ly visited areas to find out if the items have respawned and their locations. After you have obtained the Doc's eye towards the end of the game, return to the safe house. After going through the kitchen, the prepper closes all the fast track routes. However, you can return to each level from the safe house, go to the manhole covers, and re-open them. This allows you to fast track to any level again, which makes escaping the palace easier.

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Introduction and Controls 2. Walkthrough A. Safehouse Beginnings B. Supermarket C. Royal Bunker D. Buckingham Palace E. Brick Lane Flats F. Tower of London G. Spitalfields Green H. The Nursery I. George's Church J. Letters of Dee K.

Panacea L. Escape 3. King of Zombies 4. Bonus 5. Survival Tips 6.

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As a survivor of the apocalypse, your job is to explore the city and uncover the hidden truths about the zombie outbreak. Chicken - Easy mode Standard - Normal mode Survival - Hard mode, one death means starting the entire game back at the beginning When scanning the environment in ZombiU, color-coded arrows will pop up on your HUD.

For Survival Tips, please refer to the section at the end of the guide.

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You'll find a ladder. Press X to climb the ladder. Press it again to crouch. Move through the ventilation shaft. After you land, exit the room.

Walkthrough and guide - guide for zombi

Tap the flashlight icon on the touchscreen to turn it on. Going through the halls, you'll attract the attention of zombies because of the flashlight.

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You can turn it off and sneak past them, or you can leave it on and just sprint by them, quickly opening the door at the end of the hall, where you will be greeted by the ZombiU logo. This next room is the safehouse.

It is the main hub of the game. Grab the Prepper Pad off the desk and then look at the GamePad screen.

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This is your map. If you tap the icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you will use your radar, which shows the locations of enemies in the vicinity. Go turn on the power, first. The generator is located in the nearby bathrooms. Press X to crank the generator to life and then go watch the monitor display on the desk at the far wall of the room. This will be your first mission brief.

Your goal is to collect the bag that the survivor had. Exit the safehouse through the nearby door, and the only door that is unlocked here.

Work your way into the large radius indicated on the GamePad map. Use your radar to locate the survivor and make your way to that room. He will be stuck in the shutter of a window. Pick up the cricket bat next to him and then smash his brains in with a couple of swings. After that, press X to loot his body and get zombi door code bag.

Look at the GamePad screen and drag the "bag" menu down. Drag the gun to your inventory on the upper right. Return to the safehouse. You will be told about saving, which you do by sleeping on the cot there. I recommend doing that now and after every other mission, too. Save at the cot and then go to the computer monitor screens to receive your next mission brief.

First, you need a keycard to get out of this area and reach the Supermarket area.

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Exit through the same door that you did before, and make your way to the deated door. The door will be locked and needs a keycard to enter. The game now teaches you about scanning.

Hold L and then move the GamePad around you to scan the area. To scan, tap the icon on the screen when it appears and hold it there until scanning is complete. This will tell if you dead bodies have any loot on them, and it also tells you if anything else has any loot either. There will be handgun ammo on the body of at least one of the dead bodies in the area.

Walkthrough and guide - guide for zombi

Grab that and then loot the suitcase on the ground to find more ammo. Go into the next hallway. Climb through the window in the room with the zombie. Beat him to death and then loot his body for an energy drink. Go into the next room and loot the filing cabinet for the keycard. With the keycard in hand, return to the door.

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Open it and turn your flashlight on because it's pretty dark. Go through the darkness and up the stairs. Look down to find a ladder and climb it to the bottom.

Go through the next door marked "EXIT" to complete the level. Bludgeon him to death and then use your map to find the first junction box. Scan the box and then hack it by holding the stylus on the icon that appears on the screen. When it is hacked, you'll have a full map.

Go to the next objective marker.

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Go to the manhole cover on the ground. Press X to interact with it, and then tap on the seal repeatedly when it appears on the touch screen. This will open the manhole cover.